Chinese Herbology Body Polish

Massage: Our massage with re-texturizing Chinese granules will leave your skin silky, smooth, and revitalized. An application of warm citrus massage oil is followed by an herbal massage from neck to toes, then we’ll apply a hydrating body cream that melts into your soft skin.

  • 50-minutes: $140.00

  • 80-minutes: $195.00

Wrap: Following an application of Chinese granules, relax in a thermal blanket that'll retain your body heat. Indulge in the warmth as the calming heat quickly activates the product seeping into your pores. This service does not include a massage; however, a 20-minutes massage can be added on.

  • 50-minutes: $150.00

CryoThermic Body Treatment

Encourage your body’s natural slimming process with this intensely active and invigorating body wrap. As you’re wrapped and relaxed, the thermal process targets puffiness and swelling due to water retention, unwanted toxins, and sluggish microcirculation from lack of exercise. The result is a more toned, revitalized body.

50-minutes: $150.00

Mud Therapy Body Mask

Energize your entire body and eliminate toxins and cellulite with our rich Dead Sea mineral mud. As you are wrapped in thermal sheets, your absorption of nutrients and beneficial ingredients is enhanced. The mask stimulates circulation, encourage cell regeneration, relieves muscular fatigue and stress, and improves skin tone.

75-minutes: $180.00

Hot Stone Massage

Relax with a luxurious massage enhanced by the warmth of hot stones gliding over your body; it will increase circulation as it relieves anxiety and stress.

50-minutes: $155.00

80-minutes: $199.00

Mood-Makeover Massage

A combination of aromatherapy and massage will lift your spirits. We custom combine essential oils to replenish your body’s deficiencies and stimulate your senses.

50-minutes: $135.00

80-minutes: $180.00

Prenatal Massage

A therapeutic, relaxing massage designed for a mother-to-be. Service is performed on a prenatal massage table.

50-minutes: $135.00

80-minutes: $180.00

Side-by-Side Massages

Experience a romantic massage with your significant other, or bring your favorite friend or relative and catch up while you unwind.

An additional $5.00 fee per person

  • Ex: 50-minutes Side-by-Side Therapeutic Massage: $140.00 per person

Swedish Massage

Pressure: Light to Medium

50-minutes: $125.00

80-minutes: $165.00

Therapeutic/Sports Massage

Pressure: Medium to High

50-minutes: $135.00

80-minutes: $180.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Pressure: High to Intense

50-minutes: $145.00

80-minutes: $190.00

Chair Massage

Targeted Areas: Neck and Shoulders

20-minutes: $70.00

Foot Reflexology

20-minutes: $70.00

50-minutes: $130.00